Sailing in the Turku archipelago with my brother's dog Riesa.

I would be happy to connect with you!

Connect face-to-face

I’m based in Helsinki. I like to jog in Helsinki Central Park, near Metsälä, and dance at West Coast swing events organized by Rock’n’Roll Dance Club Comets. Come jog or dance with me, maybe? Connect and message me online or directly suggest a time via Doodle MeetMe to schedule a meeting!

Connect online

You probably noticed the logos and links at the sidebar and down at the footer of this website. Feel free to connect with me in any one of them! However, please first drop me a message to introduce yourself because I reject connections I do not recognize in order to avoid facilitating trolling and abusing social networks.

The tables below brielfy list my favourite tools and services for social networking, communication, and social entertainment.

My favourite networking services

Service Purpose Remarks
An icon for LinkedIn. professional networking, messaging and staying "linked in" started using it in August 2019
An icon for Facebook. messaging, events, some groups, some photos started using in 2008 but use has since concentrated; I use the messenger through Franz.
An icon for GitHub. repositories mostly related to educational or spare-time projects I have done unfortunately all my most important personal and professional work is currently private.

My favourite communication services

Service Purpose Remarks
An icon for WhatsApp. daily instant messaging feel free to text me provided you know my number :)
An icon for Google Hangouts. remote audio/video meetings feel free to propose a hangout!

My favourite visual media services

Service Purpose Remarks
An icon for Flickr. some photos for easy distribution my usage is sporadic and often temporary
An icon for Youtube. some playlists for mainly personal use I do not produce video content so you won't have much fun subscribing to my "channel"