As per the idea of the now page the following presents what I’m currently up to. The subsequent sections describe some of my goals for my more or less distant future. As you can see below, I structure my annual goals around my guiding values such that none of them are neglected: However, note that this page reflects only a subset of the totality of goals and tasks that I maintain for myself.

Current goals

Currently, I’m focusing on six things:

  1. Starting a full-time job that fits my goals/values.
  2. Helping my wife, my sister and myself to invest into an apartment
  3. Helping to establish a new business venture.
  4. Training West Coast swing dancing as much as I can.
  5. Being social and loving to people around me.
  6. Fulfilling my childhood dream of establishing and maintaining a personal website.


Goals for 2019

Integrity ☑ Analyze my personality, weaknesses and strengths, and clarify my career plans.
☐ Figure out what firm, role and community would let me grow and develop my skills, networks and knowhow such that I am later best able to do the kind of service that I want to do.
Love ☐ Progress with the goals that I share with my wife, including buying our new home;
☑ Reconnect with some of my friends that I have barely talked to during the past 5 years.
Liberty ☑ Expand my personal website and establish a blog.
☑ Freely explore my professional interests and skills more broadly.
Cultivation ☐ Cultivate the skills that I need in my new full-time work.
☑ Advance as a West Coast swing dancer such as to gain at least 1 WSDC registry points by the end of the summer.
☑ Advance as a West Coast swing dancer such as to get accepted to the level 5 competition training classes in the fall.
Service ☑ Graduate as MSc (tech) with honours.
☐ Start working full-time in a consultancy that effectively serves society.

Goals for 2020

  • Work at a renowned strategy, business and/or technology consulting firm such as to quickly gain the required experience, networks, skillsets and credibility that I need to progress in my career and meet my subsequent career objectives and serve my career purpose. I have identified my strategic weaknesses, strengths and improvement areas.
  • Advance as a West Coast swing dancer such as to accumulate at least 15 WSDC registry points.

Goals for 2023

  • I have gained experience in project-based business and working with both fast-paced industries and more traditional and stable businesses.
  • I have worked at least a short period of time 1) as a technical expert related to development or data analysis, 2) as a strategy/business expert, and 3) as a sales/customer manager.
  • I have also gained experience working with a good leadership role model and been an early contributor to at least one entrepreneurial business venture. I have clearly received praise from colleagues in my team, in other teams and from clients.

Goals for 2025

  • I have gained solid experience in strategy, business and/or technology consulting and gained experience as a team leader.

Goals for 2030

  • I have gained solid experience in leading a team/organization/business unit, and as an enterpreneur and/or tech investor.
  • My capacity for value-generation has climbed such as to enable earnings in excess of the 75th percentile of fellow MSc alumnis that graduated around the same year.

Goals for 2040

  • I am in a position to significantly drive a healthy and fast growing tech firm forward in Finland/Europe in a leadership role in a major firm, as a startup enterpreneur/leadership team member and/or as a major investor and my work effectively serves society.

Goals for 2050

  • People around me, including my children, are proud of my achievements in contributing to society, and consider me a good example worth following and learning from in many respects because of the example I have been in the courageous and leaderful application of one’s individual physical, intellectual and creative capacities in loving and serving the Reverence for Life.